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“To what extent, Erdogan, who acts like a dictator, really pulls all the strings ?”

25.09.2017 . Turkey “The only really powerful ideology in Turkey is Statism. Statism always wins over Kemalism and Islamism, which are nothing more than a facade” according to the turkish intellectual...

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Something France could learn from Turkey: veiled women don’t necessarily think the same

01.04.2017 . France-Turkey Making Islam a political option plays into the hands of separatists. Wearing the veil is a means of affirming one’s religious faith. Some French politicians suggest that it is also a way...

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Erdogan: Aspiring to complete power

18.03.2017 . Turkey  The new Presidential system that Parliament is about to...

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There may be a better idea than the EU’s freeze of negotiations with Turkey

3.12.2016 . European Union – Turkey   After the Turkish President...

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Can Turkey actually bring back the death penalty?

18.11.2016. Turkey. “We shall bring back the death penalty” – President...

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