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France and Algeria: A long History of wounded memories

10.04.2016 . France. “The Algerian War”: these words do not mean the same...

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The EU and Turkey: Political ambitions dry out, but the money still flows

7.03.2016. Turkey – European Union. Economic ties between Turkey and the...

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From Diyarbakir to Paris, Kendal Nezan the man who have initiated french socialists to the kurdish issue

22.02.2016 • France • As a Kurd from Turkey, with a discreet and secretive...

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Mourad Papazian and Ara Toranian, two faces of the french armenian lobby

24.01.2016 • France • French President François Hollande’s commitment to the...

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Why does ISIS not claim its attacks in Turkey

15.01.2016 • Turkey • As happened previously in 2015, the 12th January 2016...

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