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About me

About me

I made mine this sentence by Sebastião Salgado: “The only way to tell a story is to go back to the same place several times”.  As this great photographer pointed out, I found that coming back to the same countries again and again was the best way for me to attain the deep understanding needed to tell a story properly.

For this reason, I am focusing on France, my native country, Turkey and  the Middle-East(+ Southern Africa as bonus) , locations where I was based as a correspondent for 20 years.

In addition to my column on, I write books (sometimes as a ghost writer). Throughout my professional life, I have always liked to use different media (radio, tv and writing) and the internet provides me with a chance to combine all of these in a single space.

I am often asked to moderate panels or contribute to conferences.

Photo: Palmyra, Syria, 1995.